Small scale biogas plants

In connection with the increasing requirements for “on site” treatment of organic waste, as well as the funding opportunities under EU programs for small biogas plants, Balkanika Energy PLC., together with its European partners, offers development and implementation of projects for small and micro biogas plants – for treatment of 1 to 20 tons per day biomass – organic waste. Possible biomass for processing – inputs: all kinds of farm manure from cows, pigs, poultry, sheep, etc.; waste feed, scrapped grain, flour and bran, slaughterhouse waste, whey, plants waste, kitchen waste, scrapped foods, etc. After the process of anaerobic “oxygen free” decomposition of biomass, the residual material – a thick liquid containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compounds (NPK) – can be used directly as a soil fertilizer or be divided by separation to dry and liquid fertilizers for easier storage and usage. It is also possible, depending on the technology used, the biomass to be completely digested – up to 95%, whereby the residual material – water – can be discharged in the sewage system.

The main advantages of the small scale biogas plants are:

  • Simplified design and installation thanks to standardized block construction;
  • Highly simplified operation;
  • The technologies and equipment used are of the highest quality and reliability, thanks to which we can offer a performance guarantee of 8 years;
  • The biogas plants are equipped with the most modern systems for remote monitoring and management, due to which their work is fully automated and controlled by German specialists, with guaranteed maximum performance and trouble-free operation;
  • Usage of the best available European experience and technologies.


Balkanika Energy Plc. is a company established with aim of complete realization of investment projects in the production and utilization of energy from renewable, conventional and alternative energy sources, and protection of the environment through sustainable systems for waste recovery.


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