European food market chain with zero emissions, by creating a market playable mini anaerobic digestion composting systems for the valorization of food waste

Specific goals:

The central markets are a major component of the system of urban food of European cities and therefore the project Clean Food Market is a solution with zero carbon emissions with high market replication / repeatability, which consists of a set of environmentally friendly technologies in order to reduce the volume of organic waste from food markets. The project aims to show the technical and economic viability of decentralized and compact mini anaerobic digestion composting systems in food markets.

To overcome barriers in waste management, which several European cities are facing, this project analyzes and optimizes a number of compact technology by building a smart system for waste management in the area of food markets, where mini anaerobic digestion could serve as mini -centralized cores of intranet waste management for processing organic waste from food markets and also other beneficiaries located near the supermarket.

Description of the proposed solution:

The consortium will analyze current management of organic waste in the five selected countries in Europe. New operational and logistic models of food waste in the food market will be developed to facilitate the integration of compact mini anaerobic digestion composting systems. At the same time, the financial, legal and technical risks of the implementation of the decentralized and compact mini anaerobic digestion composting systems will be assessed. This evaluation will help identify the real barriers to market entry, and will provide the foundation for a market solution by removing the barriers to market penetration. Mini anaerobic digestion compost system will be installed in a central market in Castellon (Spain) taking into account the requirements for the demo site. The presentation of the installation will be monitored and compared to other practices for waste management, which will allow the consortium to provide an overall assessment with accurate information. This part of the project will not only help us optimize and modify existing technology to create a market playable decision, but it is also very important to assess the environmental impact of the final solution.

Output data and results:

The main expected result is a new smart zero-emission system for managing food waste created mainly for food central stores, which will be an alternative to the traditional ways that simply collect and unload the waste directly to the landfill; or a better solution compared to the treatment of organic waste in anaerobic digestion centralized installations.


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