Equipment Procurement

Balkaniкa Energy Plc. is a partner of reliable suppliers of technological equipment that is not only secure and time tested on the market, but also has the necessary certificates and guarantees. Consistent policy of Balkaniкa Energy Plc. in this regard is the requirement for maximum guarantees of the equipment which can be not only mechanical guarantees but also complex guarantees of performance and productivity. The contractual agreement can include the possibility the leading European partners – suppliers of equipment – to commit to transfer the rights of the guarantees to Balkaniкa Energy Plc. and to our customesr. This enables our customers to be confident in the sustainability of their investment and to have easier access to project financing.


Balkanika Energy Plc. is a company established with aim of complete realization of investment projects in the production and utilization of energy from renewable, conventional and alternative energy sources, and protection of the environment through sustainable systems for waste recovery.


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