Dry Anaerobic Digestion/Fermentation

Execution of turnkey projects – design, delivery, installation, supervision, commissioning and maintenance of biogas (biomethane) plants and then the production of green energy in the form of biomethane, biofuel for vehicles, electricity, hot water, cold or steam from non-liquefiable dry biomass. Biomass suitable for processing (inputs): organic, pre-separated part of the municipal solid waste (MSW), fresh stems of plants – grass, cornstalk, etc. After the process of anaerobic (oxygen free) decomposition of biomass –the residual material – a dry mass containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compounds (NPK), fiber and fine aggregates can be used for landscaping and re-cultivation. The construction of biogas plants is simplified – cubic concrete cells with airtight doors, without moving parts and sophisticated equipment.

The main advantages of the dry fermentation biogas plants are:

  • The projects are based on the long-standing German experience and knowledge – more than 400 dry fermentation biogas plants built and operating in many European cities during the last 25 years;
  • The technologies and equipment used are of the highest quality and reliability, thanks to which we can offer a performance guarantee of 8 years;
  • The biogas plants are equipped with the most modern systems for remote monitoring and management, due to which their work is fully automated and controlled by German specialists, with guaranteed maximum performance and trouble-free operation;
  • By using the best German expertise and technology, we guarantee up to 20% higher yield of biogas (biomethane), and respectively – larger amount of energy produced from each ton of inputs.
  • Due to the high performance and reliability, our biogas plants have the shortest time of return of investment.
  • The biogas is purified and injected in the grid or is burned in a combined heat and power generator (CHP).


Balkanika Energy Plc. is a company established with aim of complete realization of investment projects in the production and utilization of energy from renewable, conventional and alternative energy sources, and protection of the environment through sustainable systems for waste recovery.


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