Thermal and thermodynamic panels and systems

Engineering, delivery, installation and maintenance of solar systems for green energy production for hot water, heating or cooling. Balkanika Energy PLC incorporates the most advanced thermodynamic or vacuum panels, using evaporation and condensation for heat transfer.

The advantages of the solar panels used are:

  • Higher average daily / annual energy production of systems, based on thermodynamic solar panels as energy is produced even at night, during cloudy or rainy weather;
  • No requirements for orientation towards the Sun – possibility of horizontal to vertical installation of roofs and facades, sun exposure is of minor importance;
  • Low weight due to the minimum quantity of working fluid in the panels;
  • Minimum or zero risk of contamination of the working fluid.


Balkanika Energy Plc. is a company established with aim of complete realization of investment projects in the production and utilization of energy from renewable, conventional and alternative energy sources, and protection of the environment through sustainable systems for waste recovery.


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