Intelligent Energy – EU

Intelligent Energy – EU

Intelligent Energy – EU

The project “PEACE” (“Pernik Energy efficiency Action for Concerned Environmental”) of the financial instrument “ELENA” for technical assistance under the program “Intelligent Energy Europe”, in its role of an integrated plan for intelligent management of energy consumption of Pernik municipality is developed to contribute tangible environmental, economic and social benefits for the city and the territory and population, and contribute to local, regional and national targets related to environment and energy in strategy “Europe 2020”. Project “PEACE” brings together three main work packages (policies): (1) transport, (2) buildings and (3) lights and two supportive policies, organizational policy and a centralized system for active energy management (CSAEM).

82 urban and suburban buses and 25 trolleybuses operate in the public transport network of the Municipality of Pernik. The measures envisaged for optimization of the public transport system are: a review of the lines and timetables, replacing old bus and trolleybuses with new efficient ones and modernization of the electricity grid and production of renewable energy through photovoltaic panels for trolley transport. Technical assistance “ELENA” will enable a full analysis
which builds upon the preliminary studies and prepare the terms of reference and documentation for tenders for the implementation of the investment program.

The project aims to introduce energy-saving measures in 90 public buildings owned by the Municipality of Pernik. The measures envisaged under this policy are: insulation of walls, roofs, floors and pipes; replacing old windows and windows with new energy efficient ones; replacement of inefficient heating and ventilation systems; replacing lighting fixtures with energy-efficient ones. Technical assistance “ELENA” is necessary to carry out energy audits to properly classify the buildings, grouped according to the most appropriate combination of energy-saving measures, for the production of renewable energy and funding opportunities, as well as to prepare and conduct the necessary tendering procedures to implement the investment program.

It is planned to resume 190 km and 15 100 lighting points of trails on public street, park and ambient lighting in the municipality of Pernik. The policy measures envisioned are: to replace all the old lamps with LED lamps, to replace old poles with new ones, with photovoltaic panels and batteries, as well as to renew hand control panels with semi-automatic, remotely controlled, sensitive to road traffic control boards. Technical assistance “ELENA” is necessary to determine the flow of pedestrians and cars in different parts of the day, the exact energy savings and to prepare terms of reference and tender documentation for procedures to implement the investment program.

Introduction of a centralized system for active energy management (CSAEM) is planned for the purpose of sustainable management of the measures of the investment program. This system will serve to monitor, manage, and to envisage and plan the active energy consumption at municipal level. This will lead to additional opportunities for energy efficiency in the long run. Technical assistance “ELENA” will allow preparing and implementing the necessary tender for the implementation of this part of the project.

Thanks to the financial instrument “ELENA”, the municipality will set a positive example to the rest of the municipalities in Bulgaria, the region and Europe on the need and benefits of the implementation of integrated energy efficiency plans.


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