Viessmann offers system solutions for all areas of application.

Viessmann Group is one of the leading international companies, producers of heating, industrial and cooling systems. The complex product program of Viessmann offers individual solutions with efficient systems and capacities from 1.5 to 120.000 KW for all fields of application and
all energy sources.

Shcmack Biogas

Installations for efficient production of heat and electricity through biological decomposition of biomass.

Power plants based on wet or dry anaerobic digestion of biomass (silage, manure, organic waste, etc.). Wide range of power capacities: from 75 kWe – up to 5 000 kWe. Long-term guarantees for performance and productivity, thanks to many years of experience.


Installations for effective high quality steam

Systems for high effective production of 0,150 t / h to 20 t / h of dry saturated or superheated steam by the combustion of all types of gaseous, liquid or solid fuels. The patented design allows also the utilization of energy in waste flue or process gases.


Installations for effective production of heat- and electrical energy by thermal gasification of biomass and RDF.

Power plants based on thermal gasification of dry biomass (wood, straw, husk, etc.) and RDF (high-calorie fraction of MSW). Wide range of capacities: 200 kWe – up to 15 000 kWe. Long-term guarantees of performance and productivity, thanks to many years of experience.

Spiling Energie system GmbH

Producer of steam turbines and engines of saturated and superheated steam and gas expanders.

Facilities and installations for the production of electricity by burning wood waste, agro waste; by utilization of fuel gas energy or the energy released while reducing pressure on natural and other gases.


Producer of gas microturbines and co-generation systems.

Compact, reliable and quiet systems for cogeneration of electricity from 30 kW to 1000 KW electrical, heat and cold energy for hospitals, administrative or commercial buildings and manufacturing plants. Possible fuels: natural gas, biogas or syngas.


Producer of co-generation systems.

Compact, reliable and quiet systems for cogeneration of electrical and heat energy from 50 up to 350 kWe in hospitals, administrative or commercial buildings and manufacturing plants. Possible fuels: natural gas or biogas, LPG, diesel or biodiesel.

Enki Energy

Enki Energy develops and designs compact biogas reactors for anaerobic digestion of different types of organic waste. Enki Energy advises about the possibilities for processing organic waste and has a large base of research facilities and pilot plants. Enki Energy also develops and builds filters for the separation of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from biogas. Last but not least, Enki Energy seeks to improve the sustainability of production processes using microorganisms.

Enki Energy is different because it is a specialist in anaerobic digestion of waste coming from a single company or even from a single production process (e.g., whey). Enki Energy builds bioreactors that can process waste without the use of manure. This process not only leads to significantly lower amounts of solid wastes after the decomposition, but also avoids the occurrence of pathogens in the process. Therefore, the process is safe and effective with very little residual waste.

Chrysmetal LTD.

The company specializes in trade with industrial fittings (pipes, fittings, filters, reduction and safety valves, steam traps, actuators, insulation systems polypropylene (PP-R), etc.).

These products are suitable for pipeline installations for water, steam, LPG, natural gas, chemical and abrasive fluids for different production lines, including food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Simlogic has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of engineering tasks with a high degree of automation. The projects are implemented based on industrial PLCs, PC based controllers and DCS systems of the highest class. After the implementation, warranty and post warranty maintenance is provided to the client. Simlogic has a strong team providing overall project realization, own plant for the production of electrical cabinets and own means of transport to supply the necessary equipment.


Filter was created in 1992. Nowadays the company is significant in its field, with offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Bulgaria. In total 320 people work for the company. Filter offers high-quality equipment primarily for industry, boiler plants, combined heat, electricity and water treatment plants. The main objective of the company while selecting the equipment for customers is saving resources and providing better performance for them.


Balkanika Energy Plc. is a company established with aim of complete realization of investment projects in the production and utilization of energy from renewable, conventional and alternative energy sources, and protection of the environment through sustainable systems for waste recovery.


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